Why is Most B2B Marketing So Forgettable?

Every marketer wants to make an impact. Today, with80 percent在数字或远程设置中发生的销售周期,从来没有有机会直接影响购买决定。

And the number one factor driving those buying decisions? Memory.

Your buyers interact with your marketing in one moment, but they make the decision to buy in the future. That means the messages and assets you create must stick in your buyer’s mind long enough to influence their purchase decision.


在我们最近的行业调查中,87 percentof B2B marketers admitted they’re unsure or don’t believe that their audience acts on their content.

And even though the vast majority of marketers (91 percent) agree that it’s important for their audience to remember their content,只有26%feel confident that the marketing materials they produce are, in fact, memorable.

Why? What makes most marketing content so woefully forgettable? And what can you do to make sure your buyers remember your marketing?


Our studies show that人们还记得,平均只有10%的信息,他们在48小时后消耗的信息。This percentage varies—sometimes, they may remember three percent, sometimes 12 percent, but on average, it’s a tiny portion.

Now, imagine your content reaches five prospects at the same company. Our research also suggests that他们内容中记得的少量信息将是完全随机的。如果您不控制他们记住的邮件的哪个部分,那么五个前景中的每一个都会带走不同的解释。

如果您的目标是在特定的购买决定围绕特定的购买决定达成共识,那种随机记忆正是错误的结果。你不希望你的买家要记住something—you want them to remember theright事情。

Why Most B2B Marketing is Forgettable

Our research has identified four common problems that make B2B marketing forgettable.

消息缺乏情境背景– If your marketing message doesn’t apply to your buyer’s specific situation—for instance, whether they are a prospect or an existing customer—your audience won’t care to remember it.

Content is unfocused- 如果结果内容缺乏明确的焦点和清晰,令人欣慰的想法,您的观众将不记得您希望他们记住的内容。

视觉效果是uninspiring.- 如果您不使用吸引人,精心设计的视觉效果,您的观众将忘记对它们进行行事。

Stories get lost in the crowd– Without a compelling narrative that speaks to the decision-making part of the brain, your story (and your brand) get lost in the crowd.


How to Make Marketing More Memorable

如果营销是influencing more buying decisions, and the primary factor driving decisions is memory, it naturally follows that the way to ensure buyers act on your marketing is to make it more memorable.

So, how do you do this?

By developing situationally specificmessagesbased on buyer psychology. Creating unforgettable内容获得受众关注这些消息最重要的部分的资产。设计引人注目视觉效果说服买家对页面上看起来漂亮。和建设故事that intentionally drive memory, decision, and action.

In this article series, you’ll discover new research and marketing skills in those four areas that will guide your buyers’ decisions in your direction.

Watch Dr. Carmen Simon’s on-demand webinar,How to Make Marketing Memorable,to learn more about our new research.


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Leslie Talbot.

Leslie Talbot.


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